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Agro Tip
Determining the peak demand of a crop
To determine when harvesting coincides with lowest supply and highest demand in market one has to create a planting to harvesting schedule.
This plan schedule can be used by farmers to plan for production up to harvesting time.
The plan schedule can be made on a big manilla paper or made using a simple excel spreadsheet.
The purpose is to ensure that harvesting coincides with the period of the year when the market price of the produce is highest.
How to make the Schedule in three steps:
1.Determine from a Market Survey when there is highest Demand and lowest Supply for the particular crop.
A simple Market Survey can be going to farmers markets (marikiti) to check on demand,price,supply or interviewing ‘mama mbogas’ to get infor, or getting data from institutions like Nafis .
2.Work backwards from the month when there is highest demand for your crop to prepare all farm activities before the harvest peak period.
3.Check all the production activities to create a buying plan for farm inputs and expenses rising from production and a guide to farming operations.
Note that, to meet the peak demand period of the market, there may be need of irrigation to supplement rain. 
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